Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Boxes

I'm not into the paper, glue, and glitter sorts of messy crafts around here, but I do let the kids cut loose for unfettered tape, glue, paint, what-have-you to make boxes for their Valentine's Day greetings. These are the results.

 A TARDIS from my Dr. Who fan

A steamship from my Titanic fan--complete with googly eyes

A rendition of a stringed instrument with beaded heart

Number stickers AND beads on pipe cleaners


Stickers and toilet paper tubes

As always, the kids had way more fun with this than I did, and I only helped with the 3-year-old's some. We had a few bumps, some design flaws (no slot for Valentines), and a couple of regrets, but mostly it was smooth sailing. And most importantly, they did clean up most of their mess. I'm a proud Mama.

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