Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gotta Love Family

Since it's closing in on Valentine's Day, I figure I needed to send some love to a couple of my family members.

First up, my sister-in-law just started a new blog. She has some great pictures of their travels all over the place and some cute pictures of her and my brother-in-law. And their feet. And, believe it or not, their feet are cute, too. Anyway, you can check out The Rested Wanderers here if you're interested.

And next up. . . my brother-in-law! It's a different one. I have a lot. Ten of them so far. The brother-in-law got an idea for his business after working in different nursing homes as a social worker. He started CheerCrates, a subscription box service geared toward those in nursing homes. Basically, you pay the subscription fee, and he boxes up appropriate gifts each month to send to your loved one. I've heard of such things for college students, but this is a great idea for people who are far away from Grandma and can't visit often or who just want to make sure Dad knows he's not forgotten. If you are interested, visit CheerCrates here. If you don't need this service but know somebody who might appreciate it, please pass the link along!

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