Saturday, August 5, 2017

Building Project- Day 31

Yesterday's work on the inside looked like a lot of 2 x 4's. 

But on the outside is something more exciting-- dinosaurs!  

Well, okay, the wrap on the outside was put up, and it has upside-down green dinosaur pictures on it. The upside-down fact had a couple of my more particular ones somewhat agitated, but I assured them it would work just as well as if it were right-side up.

I don't have a picture of the addition right now, but it looks like a wading pool with all the rain from last evening. Wasn't that storm a doozy! We were actually north of here in McConnellsburg, and it was much worse there. We had to navigate through non-functioning traffic signals, low visibility, some awesome lightning strikes, and falling tree branches on our way back from (not getting to go) swimming. 

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