Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Building Project-- Day 32 & 33

Day 32 was a short day. I heard a little sawing and nail-gunning, but I think the main reason the carpenters came out in the drizzle was to meet the delivery truck.

When the drizzle turned to rain, Day 32 was over.

Now Day 33 was a different story entirely. Yesterday began with an obstacle course for Jimmy. He had to maneuver around the bluebird house, the well cover, the piles of lumber, and the clothesline-- all while carrying the roof tresses. I'm telling you, that man has serious skills!

Picking up tresses by hand and moving them into place was no easy task either, but in what seemed like no time at all, the men had several up.

One thing I'm learned about a modern construction site is that the nail gun is used more than the hammer. But you can see below that the hammer isn't entirely obsolete.

Here's another backhoe picture. My son didn't take this one; I did. I'm not crazy about backhoes like he is, but I love Jimmy's smile. That man knows how to work!

I don't have an end-of-the-day picture because, to be honest, I had a date with green beans in the garden. I didn't get back until it was a little dark for pictures. I do have some close-to-quittin'-time pictures. This first picture gives you an idea of how much work was done yesterday.

These next two pictures shows you that I was a little obsessed with close up pictures. First up is a picture of the rafters from inside the addition. 

Pretty blue sky!

One casualty of yesterday's work was my clothesline. The line itself had to come down until it's no longer in the way. That's okay because with all the dust and building, I haven't been hanging things out anyway.

Clothesline pole close-up

Another high point of the day for me was when one of the workers brought me tomatoes from his garden since ours aren't ripe yet. I ate some for both lunch and supper. Oh, and my husband grilled chicken for everybody for lunch; I always enjoy that. 

On a completely un-construction note, my parents came for a quick visit since they were close by for a doctor's appointment. It was so nice to just take time out of working in the garden and chat for an hour or two. Their visit gave me a taste of what it would be like if we had family living close by. Even my children commented on how nice a visit it was. 

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