Friday, August 4, 2017

Building Project-- Day 30

We have lots of pictures today because there were lots of workers and a lot of work done.

First off, I'll show you the most strenuous thing I did to help with the construction work. And here's the full disclosure--my son did most of the work; I just carried the jug and a few water pitchers.

Water for the troops

And now it's time to raise some walls!

First wall up

Boy, that looks like hard work from behind this camera!

I just liked this hammer picture.
End of the day picture #1

End of the day picture #2

End of the day picture #3
Standing where the entrance to the addition will be (from our living room)

This is what will be a new bedroom

Yesterday at the end of the day, I walked through the addition trying to figure out where furniture and such would go. It's getting even more exciting.

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