Monday, July 24, 2017

Building Project-- Day 17 & 18

On Friday, the block work was finished, and doesn't it look nice?

On Saturday, our carpenters came and checked out all the work. I didn't ask what was next, but I think The Inspector will be coming this week-- yikes!

Also, I'm pretty sure this coiled up black stuff will be the star of the building show for at least part of a day.

We've had a lot of heavy rain over the weekend, so I'm not sure if that will mess up the work that needs done. At least our garden is liking the moisture!


  1. I am enjoying watching the progress. I have watched a lot of building projects but none involving bricks so it is very different. Sorry I didn't call you back the other day. It has been busy at work and at home. I will try to call you soon if you don't call me first!

    1. We're loving watching the process, too. Somebody at church commented that it must be like watching reality tv, and it is--but so much better :)