Thursday, July 27, 2017

Building Project-- Day 22

Yesterday was some work in the morning and then hours of just waiting on The Inspector to arrive. He finally arrived while the kids and I were out at the library and park, and he left his special approval sticker.

After that, a flurry of backhoe and shovel activity ensued, and the rest of the moat around the house was filled in. I wasn't watching it all, but in the end, there are no more big piles of dirt and gravel in the backyard. 

My son was kind enough to take pictures of the end product. Since he took about another bazillion pictures of the backhoe (again), I feel obliged to include at least one.

See that white PVC pipe in there? That's required to remove radon gas-- something new since the parsonage was built back in 2000.

Now for me, it's early, and I need to get out to the garden to get some work done before it rains today!

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