Saturday, July 15, 2017

Building Project- Day 9

Well, The Inspector came while I was in the shower and left this little treat.

A sticker!

We got his seal of approval, and I didn't even get to see if he was evil or menacing. Humph. But I can see by the little boxes on the sticker that I can get myself worked up in a tizzy plenty more times during this project.

So we figured that was the end of the day since the concrete wasn't supposed to come until Friday. But, lo! Is that a pink concrete mixer truck coming up the drive?

I think it's pink.

Much excitement bubbled up among the kids (and grown-ups!). We were able to confirm that this was indeed a pink concrete mixer truck. Fancy. 

I'll bet this is the pinkest concrete mixer you've ever seen.

Then the work began. To me, it looked like back-breaking work with all the bending over. The good news was that it was soon done.

Footers poured? Check.

And that was the end of Day 9 (Thursday). 

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