Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Building Project- Day 7

'Twas another day of digging, measuring, and dumping. This "during" photo is courtesy of my teenager. (Do I have a teenager already?!) He likes experimenting with the camera's settings.

Artsy-looking backhoe and dump truck

Then we were gone until supper and had a big rainstorm. When I finally got out to take a picture, this is what was there. Mud and a deeper hole. 

Deeper mud puddle

In other news, we visited another one of our library system's branches yesterday. Our goal is to visit each one this summer. We also used up some summer reading club prizes-- free ice cream cones at DQ. And my second son saved us some money at Sam's Club when he noticed (by watching the register) that the cashier had scanned two items twice. Wasn't I thankful!

Also, yesterday was a big Etsy day for me; I sold two items-- guinea feathers and acorns. That makes it 3 sales in one week-- a big deal for my little shop. The ladies who bought things have lovely shops of their own--handmade glass beads and herbal products/gorgeous wedding bouquets made of feathers. I love looking at things people make on Etsy.

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