Sunday, July 9, 2017

Building Project- Day 4

Today was a big day. If the kids weren't outside watching, they were glued to the window.

We watched a big backhoe take a big bite out of our backyard. Before he started, Jimmy said, "I'm going to tear the world up today!" And he certainly did.

Then there was the machine that can cut through a concrete patio. I don't  know the name of it, but it was impressive.

Then Jimmy used his backhoe to move the cut patio pieces. I've got to tell you that after more than 50 years of practice, that man uses his machine like a third arm. He's got some skills.

Then there was a dump truck. Dump trucks are always cool. Unless you're riding behind one that's spewing rocks onto your car. But this one was cool.

Next it was time to haul away the pieces of patio.

And the end of Day 4 looked like this. After a good rain on top of a lot of bare dirt, we are now officially at the "great big mess" stage, I would say. 

But this mess is a fun, beautiful mess. 

I'm pretty sure the end of today (Day 5) will look just the same since it's Sunday. We'll see what Monday has in store for us.

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